Kamila Mazurkiewicz

I did my green card application with an attorney in my town in CT. After my green card was denied, I decided to change lawyers and call Harry Gee law firm, After speaking to Mr. Gee he recommended attorney at law Mr. Dhiraj Suvarna.
Through the process Mr. Suvarna was very professional and always made himself available to answer any questions or concerns. My husband and me were able to tell right away how professional he was compare to our previous lawyer. Mr. Suvarna was not only very knowledgeable and patient, when he explained the situation and options, but he was very detail oriented as well. He was very efficient in the multiple aspects of this complicated case, including managing other team members. Thanks to Mr. Dhiraj Suvarna we were able to win the appeal, I got my green card and now I will be able traveling to see my family for Christmas. For the first time after 13 years! I could not be happier! It was a very hard case and my husband and I are so grateful we came across Mr. Suvarna.

Lina Haecker

I retained the services of Harry Gee and Associates. I had a tough removal of conditions on my residence because I divorced my husband prior to that. James Cypert was introduced as the attorney who would be assisting me in removing the conditions on my green card application. The end result was successful!! I’m very pleased and happy. I would highly recommend the services of Harry Gee and Associates.

Guideon Huismen

The successful application process for an immigrant visa can be very complex due to the multiple variables pertaining to it. It is common knowledge that many applications get delayed or even rejected due to the non-compliance or rather lack of compliance to all the specific requirements.

Mr. Daniel Zhang and his team are very professional and extremely knowledgeable on each step of this process. They were very concise and proactive on the detail of each document we had to prepare and there were no rejections during the whole process. I will certainly recommend their services to anyone.


Harry Gee’s staff is very courteous and responsive and there were no disappointments. Attorney Patrick O’Rourke and his legal assistant Betty were knowledgeable about our needs and handled everything professionally. We will definitely recommend Harry Gee & Associate’s to our friends.

Alhad Phatak

Thanks to Dhiraj N. Suvarna I was able to secure my green card in quick time.

Dhiraj is a personal friend which automatically made him the most trustworthy choice but his professionalism ensured that I was always kept informed about the status of my case. He was prompt and responsive throughout the two years of our attorney client relationship.

I first visited the Law office of Harry Gee to get an idea of options available to me to secure a green card through the self-petitioning process. Mr. Harry Gee laid out the broad options available and Dhiraj navigated me through the various nuances for both categories – EB-2 National Interest Waiver and EB-1 Extraordinary Ability.

I chose to first attempt the EB-2 National Interest Waiver option as I was advised that was the self-petition with a greater chance of success. After carefully preparing the case for a few months I had to nervously wait another 6 months for the Immigration Service to approve this petition.

With this success I was curious about my chances of securing an EB1 approval as this would enable me to apply for the green card right away. I met with Dhiraj and we went over the strengths and weaknesses of my case and I decided to pursue this option even though it was a long shot. I knew the best chance I had was with Dhiraj preparing my application packet.

Although the immigration service requested additional evidence (RFE) to prove my eligibility for this status. Dhiraj helped me prepare a letter further explaining my eligibility and my case was approved soon thereafter. I am really grateful to Dhiraj and the Law office of Harry Gee who enabled me to secure permanent resident status as quickly as I did. Dhiraj was quick to respond to any of my concerns throughout the process.

Shashank Prasad

After some delays and a few hiccups my “file” was transferred to Dhiraj Suvarna. I decided to persist with Harry Gee and Associates by giving Dhiraj the opportunity to work on my application. I must say his professionalism immediately stood out and my application started steam rolling ahead. His dedicated and knowledgeable support staff were always available, in fact more often than not I would communicate directly with Dhiraj. With this personnel change my EB-1A extra-ordinary ability application was filed and approved within 4 months even with an RFE. My persistence with Harry Gee and Associates paid off as I was eventually very happy with their service.

Mohamed Hussein

I decided to retain Harry Gee and Associates to assist me in filing a National Interest Waiver application. It was the best decision I made. Dhiraj Suvarna was the attorney assigned to my case and he was very helpful through the entire process. He was always available whenever I called or emailed. He patiently answered all my questions and was humble enough to ask me technical questions regarding my achievements. I found him and his support staff to be knowledgeable in the law and very professional in the way they handled the application. I am confident that my NIW application was approved without delays or additional inquiries from the immigration service was due to the hard work and diligence of the Harry Gee and Associates staff.

Yoly Gonzalez

I retained the services of Harry Gee and Associates when I was at a very difficult time in my life. I had a tough removal of conditions application ahead of me as well as trying circumstances in my personal life. Dhiraj Suvarna was introduced as the attorney who would be assisting me in removing the conditions on my green card application. He was very organized and courteous, the assistants and all the staff I had encountered at the law office were professional. Suffice to say that I was so satisfied with their results and the peace of mind they gave me through what I considered a difficult process that I went back to them several years later to complete my Citizenship application as well. I would highly recommend this law firm.


Harry Gee & Associates has been critical in assisting me and my family with our visa needs and immigration process in general. The firm has been very successful in achieving our goals and I highly recommend it.